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The sector analysis on the labor market and the potential for labor mobility in the cross-border region Bulgaria - Romania is unique for Bulgaria. Until now, such a document has not been developed. The analysis combines in a logical interconnection and interprets in a general context the various factors and characteristics of the labor market, the state of the enterprises and the work force, the living standards, the trends in the economic development of the region, the needs and attitudes of the employers. More than 120 sources of information have been used in its preparation, numerous statistical data and strategic documents of state agencies, regional governments and local authorities, publications and analytical materials on the subject were summarized and analyzed. The results of a specially conducted representative surveys with employers and labor market experts in the cross-border region were also used. The analysis is a solid basis for both further development of project activities, as well as for decision-making and the development of measures by responsible institutions related to the promotion of labor mobility. The entire analysis, as well as individual data from it, will be published and accessible to target groups in the project's information portal -